Windows Phone Emulator Is Doing A Complete OS Boot

1 minute read

I recently installed the Windows Phone 7 Development Tools on my Acer AspireOne netbook. Visual Studio works pretty well on this machine. But unfortunately when running my app for the first time the emulator started up and then just sat there with a message that said, “Windows Phone Emulator Is Doing A Complete OS Boot”.

After reading some discussion about the problem online it seems that the emulator doesn’t work with some types of hardware virtualization. Apparently the AMD cpu in my netbook isn’t supported and there is no way to turn off the virtualization enhancements in the BIOS.

So I looked around and found the emulator config file. In the file is a setting to turn Hardware Assist off. I set the value to false, started up the emulator and now it works perfectly. It may not work too well if your app is CPU intensive like a game, but for my use it works fine.

Here is how to configure it:

  1. Open a command window and go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\microsoft\xde
  2. There will be a file similar to config_*.decfg
  3. Open the file in notepad and look for a line that looks like this: <pre><EnableHWAssist Reconfigurable=”static” Type=”bool”>true</EnableHWAssist></pre>

  4. Change “true” to “false”
  5. Save the file and start the emulator.