Stainless Steel Metal Ice Cube Trays

1 minute read

For years I have used the cheap plastic ice cube trays in my freezer. Recently I’ve gotten tired of them because the ice is difficult to remove and the trays add a plastic taste to the ice. Also I switched to Klean Kanteen bottles recently after all the talk about BPA in plastic water bottles. So I thought that now would be a good time to switch to a stainless steel metal ice cube tray to go along with the steel bottles.

After looking around I found that there are not very many manufacturers of metal ice cube trays. I only found one ice cube tray made out of stainless steel. Unfortunately it is somewhat expensive, but considering it will probably last for decades I went ahead and purchased it.

I ordered it with the cheapest shipping on Sunday night. It was at my house in Washington state on Wednesday. Super fast shipping! The ice cube tray is stamped with the company name Onyx. The tray looks very nice and seems to be of high quality. It has a handle to release the ice which is so much easier to use than twisting the old plastic trays.

I only bought one because the price was on the higher side. I may eventually order a second one so that I can make more ice. In my search for a new ice cube tray I found that there are vintage aluminum ice cube trays that are available on the secondhand market. Personally I would avoid those because aluminum could possibly leach into the ice. Stick with stainless steel because it has been shown not to leach into water or ice.

Update 8/15/2009:

I’ve used the ice tray over the last few weeks. The only problem I’ve had is that it is sometimes hard to get the ice out (I have the same problem with plastic trays too). I think the key is too not overfill the tray. If you put too much water in then there is too much ice to crack when you use the handle to get the ice out. By putting less water in it takes less effort to get the ice out. Also running a little tap water over the frozen tray, top and bottom, seems to help get the ice out.