Sound Transit Wi-Fi on 545 bus

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I recently started riding Sound Transit’s 545 bus from Redmond to Seattle. Out of four rides so far I’ve gotten three buses that had wi-fi and one that didn’t have it.

I tried wi-fi three different times and the result was the same each time: There was no problem connecting to the bus access point and getting an IP address. But no web pages would load. The browser would look like it was connecting but would just keep saying something like “Waiting for response from server” in the status bar. When doing a ping from the command line it seems like only10% of the packets were getting through.

According to the web pages I read the pilot wi-fi system was started in 2005. I would have thought that in four years they would have gotten things working but I guess not. It almost makes me think I am doing something wrong. Why would they keep a system for 4 years that doesn’t even work?

I tried emailing the wifi email address on the Sound Transit page but they never wrote back so I’m not sure where to go for tech support.