Cheap Glass Water Bottle

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With all the news recently about the chemical BPA in plastic water bottles, I started looking for an alternative. I just want a water bottle that doesn’t leach chemicals that also has a lid so that if it falls over it doesn’t spill water everywhere. Some of the stainless steel bottles look nice but they are expensive and even metal could eventually leach chemicals.

The next alternative I looked into was glass. Glass seems to be the safest material for water storage. The strange thing is that there seem to be very few manufacturers of glass water containers with lids. The only one I can find is here.

In reading the reviews of that water bottle I found an alternative. Voss water sells Norwegian water in what appears to be the exact same bottles. You can buy a 24 pack of Voss water here. But unless you need 24 bottles of it you can also go to Cost Plus World Market where they sell individual bottles of Voss water. The water is pretty expensive at over $2 per 375ml container, but since you’ll reuse the bottle many, many times it is actually a pretty good deal.