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Disneyland With Kids

My family (two adults, 10 year old, and a 7 year old) recently visited Disneyland. There are plenty of descriptions about Disneyland trips on the web. So I’m not going to describe every single thing we did. This post will cover … Continue reading

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Recursive Add All Files In a Directory With Perforce

It is very common to want to add a directory of files to your source control system. With Perforce the command line client doesn’t support this natively. I would think that a command like this would work: “p4 add …”. … Continue reading

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Fix Cut and Paste Problems With Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is one of the best features of Windows. Unfortunately all the different Windows version of Remote Desktop seem to have a copy and paste bug. Pasting from the local machine to the remote machine in Remote Desktop will … Continue reading

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