Add Amazon Suggestions To Search Box With OpenSearch Plugin

I created a plugin to add Amazon search suggestions to the browser search bar. This allows you to search Amazon directly from your browser and get suggestions in real time as you type. To install the plugin click the button below:

The plugin works in all modern browsers including Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, Safari, and Chrome. Once you click the plugin it will then show up in your search bar as “Amazon Suggestions”. Select it and then start typing your search.

The cool thing about this plugin is that newer browsers such as Firefox 3 and IE 8 support a suggestion feature that shows suggestions as you type. In Firefox a dropdown will suggest search terms that you might want to use. Internet Explorer 8 supports a cool feature called Visual Search Suggestions. The visual suggestions actually show the products you might be searching for along with a picture. It is like a real time mini-search in the dropdown.

The same plugin is compatible with all browsers using the OpenSearch specification. This makes it handy to add custom searches for frequently used sites such as Amazon.

To try out my Amazon search plugin just click the link below. A dialog will popup confirming that you want to add the “Amazon Suggestions” plugin. Once you do that you can now select the “Amazon Suggestions” icon from your search box and have suggestions appear while you type.
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