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How to fix: error MSB6006: “aspnet_merge.exe” exited with code 1

One of the most annoying Visual Studio errors are the ones that don’t give you any details of what is wrong. This is one of those errors: error MSB6006: “aspnet_merge.exe” exited with code 1 To fix it open a command … Continue reading

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Fight spam email with Spam Bait PHP

One of the more annoying things about email is the amount of junk email that one receives. If you have a website consider adding spam bait to it so that spammers who are harvesting email addresses get junk email addresses … Continue reading

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Stainless Steel Metal Ice Cube Trays

For years I have used the cheap plastic ice cube trays in my freezer. Recently I’ve gotten tired of them because the ice is difficult to remove and the trays add a plastic taste to the ice. Also I switched … Continue reading

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