Patrick Sheedy


9722 163rd PL NE

Redmond, WA 98052


November 2005 Present Microsoft Redmond, WA

Software Design Engineer

         Designed, developed, and managed a complete end to end process automation system.

         Gathered user requirements and wrote the design specification.

         Managed the project schedule, met with customers, delivered the product on time.

         Wrote a C# application using object oriented techniques that processed user requests.

         Wrote a C# ASP.NET web application that allowed users to submit requests and get status of jobs.

         The system provided 100% automation. The automation saved Microsoft significant resources because a support person was not required to run it.

         Designed and developed an automated error reporting system for internal processes.

         Wrote code to log errors and relevant information to a SQL Server database.

         Created a C# ASP.NET application to display charts and tables based on the data utilizing SQL Reporting Services 2005.

         The charts enabled analysis of costly errors allowing the most problematic errors to be fixed first.

         Maintained and improved a .NET C# web service that allowed clients to obtain previous releases of binaries. The web service ran on Windows Server 2003 with IIS.

         Wrote a tool to automate the creation of daily job status emails by using Jscript, VBScript, XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, bug database (accessed through COM), and Outlook automation.

         Contributed to the Agile/Scrum development process.

September 2003 September 2005 Steyer Associates Redmond, WA

Software Development Engineer

         Designed and developed a documentation authoring and production system using C#, XSLT, and SQL.

         Wrote XSLT transforms to convert Word 2003 XML documents into HTML.

         Created a very large XSD schema that documentation writers used to create documentation.

         Wrote applications in C# and VB.NET to be used in the automated production process.

         Gathered software requirements from customers and converted requirements to specifications and code.

         Defined product milestones. Delivered specified features on time and within budget.

         Developed a process using XSLT to transform Word 95 documents into Word 2003 XML documents.

         Planned and implemented a variety of useful productivity improvements for the team such as separate development/production branches and an automated error notification system.


April 2003 September 2003 Venturi Technology Partners Kirkland, WA

Software Development Engineer

         Developed a Web Part using C#, JavaScript, and Visio to allow users to manage document workflow from within a Microsoft SharePoint web site.

         Used C# and NUnit to perform automated testing and verification of the Web Part.

         Wrote Microsoft Visio automation software using C# and to create Visio drawings based on user supplied data such as an Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft SQL Server.

         Fixed bugs in a web based ActiveX control written in Visual Basic 6.

         Developed software to extract data from Project Server and SharePoint using .NET Web Services.

         Designed and specified new features that would add business value to the products.

February 2002 January 2003 Excell Data Corporation Redmond, WA

Software Engineer

         Wrote JScript, VBScript, and tools to automate the production build system.

         Created tools to monitor production status and other tasks using C++, JScript, SQL, and XML.

         Used advanced features of Perforce / Source Depot to manage large amounts of source code.

         Trained new workers to help them learn the proper procedures for managing the automation system.

July 1999 May 2000 Network Associates Santa Clara, CA

Software Engineer

         Created install programs for a variety of network security products using InstallShield and Microsoft Visual C++ with COM objects.

         Developed and maintained a 10,000 line InstallShield project for the Gauntlet firewall.

         Maintained the automatic software packaging process with Microsoft Visual C++.

         Created software for use with the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

         Researched and implemented features to increase the security of product installs on Windows NT.

         Managed Visual SourceSafe source code control systems.

         Advised product teams on installation related issues.

August 1996 July 1999 Epson Palo Alto Laboratory Palo Alto, CA

Software Engineer

         Designed, developed, and released Photo Sheet application.

         Written in C++ with MFC for all versions of Windows, also runs on MacOS.

         Developed USB drivers for digital cameras and wristwatches.

         Created reusable C++ Graphical User Interface controls for Windows applications.

         Developed C++ software to synchronize Microsoft Outlook data with a wristwatch.

         Wrote software installers with InstallShield.

October 1993 August 1996 IPTech San Luis Obispo, CA

Software Engineer

         Developed various GUI software applications for Windows NT with C++/MFC.

         Created software to manage Windows print queues over TCP/IP connections.

         Extensive network and user interface work in the Java programming language.

         Designed and executed test plans for a variety of software products.



Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

         1991 1995 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA



Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

         December 2004 - Passed Exam 70-316: Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET